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Winthrop Dhall

I saw you... and I wish I were on your radar because you aren't like the rest of your teammates.


The Science Center Plaza

I saw you Reina Gattuso! Your articles, much like an Abita Grapefruit brew, leave me feeling wonderfully empowered and thirsting for more! Keep it up! and call me up!


senior year

I saw you... self, realizing that the key to recharging your happiness lies simply in getting off this campus occasionally. I just wish it didn't take 4 years to get here.


re:re:re: I'm sorry

I saw you... you're totally right. My bad everybody!


re: re: I'm sorry

no she shouldn't, stop being an enabler he's probably better off without her


Dining hall, any time

I saw you... please please please please please look at me or talk to me or SOMETHING


re: I'm sorry

I saw you... yeah...you should probably try to make that work again.


Mather D-hall

I saw you... White blonde girl in the blue tank top WHO STOLE MY BAGEL. You are so bold and entitled #thisisprivilege


re:I'm sorry.

booooooooo go home


I'm sorry.

I saw you... and I try to avoid you because I know we'll never have another chance after all I put you through, and I feel so sad being friends with you. I still dream of us of what we could have been had I not ruined it.

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