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re: Pfoho dhall

In general or someone specific?



I saw you... attractive Indian senior. Where are you working next year??


adams house




I saw you...first-chair cellist in HRO. I don't know what exactly it is, and I don't know if you noticed me staring, but you are possibly the most attractive person I have ever seen.


Winthrop Stein

I saw you... serving drinks. I have never seen you before. Maybe you're a new tutor, but I'm hoping you're a student.


re: Currier

Haha do you mean Metok? There aren't that many redheads in Currier..


Everywhere you are

I saw you, continuing to ignore me. It was extremely wrong for you to use someone else to figure out your feelings in the way you did. But I still believe in you, because deep down you're not what you appear. It may not be worth it to you since we're graduating, and I want the best, but what you did was worse than what I did. And I hope you live with that this spring, and that karma makes you understand, just as I live with my own pain and regrets. I got the message, but that doesn't stop the need to communicate. Things will never die down this way.


Pfoho dhall

I saw you, hotties in the Pfoho dhall. Damn I should make the trip from across the driveway more often.


This school

I saw you... and I am enraged. Assuming that the facts in this article are true - how are we supposed to solve our problems when they're being covered up like this? Disgusting, Harvard. And tons of admiration for this prof. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/17/harvard-retaliation- professor-tenure_n_5159995.html#es_share_ended


all over the place

I saw you... what's the best place to meet undergrads?

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