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[Sticky] Pls check out our new iPhone app!

Hi everyone! I made this website 5 years ago as my final project in CS50, and I wanted to truly thank all of you who use and enjoy it. I still care a lot about giving people a fun and positive way to express themselves and engage with the rest of the Harvard community.

I recently created an iPhone app, I Saw You, to make posting and reading missed connections and anonymous compliments easier and more fun. I’ve also added some new features that I’m hoping you’ll love, including the ability to comment directly on posts. I would really appreciate if you would try it out! You can download it by tapping the button below on an iPhone or iPad. I’d love to hear how you like it and how I can make it better— please email me at tej.isawyou@gmail.com.

Many, many thanks, and keep posting!
- Tej Toor, ‘10

On Stage in Farkas Hall

I saw you... dancing, Angel Jin. And I tried to force my heart to be still but I couldn't.


Crimson Final Club

I saw you... Crimson. Front page article, really? All of you men in this final club need to get a grip. One sexual assault case is enough for us to care. when were you ever relevant



I saw you... Blue shirt and blue soccer shorts. Youre likely younger than me, but you're handsome



I saw you... hapa (?) girl with tears on your cheeks. Wish I could tell you how beautiful your smile is



I saw you... Suge Knight. This awful man, has most certainly 'created his own karma'! By making a fortune from promoting a type of music and attitude, that blatantly promotes violent aggressive machismo, homophobia, racism, sexism and the most appalling portrayal and objectification of Women! This kind of music has been and is directly responsible for so much violence and aggression, and the promotion of male 'illusions of potency' power and control! He and his music appeal to the lowest common denominator and glorify that which is ugly and disturbed!



I saw you... self, not doing any of the ridiculous amount of work I was supposed to get done over break. Oh wellllllllll....


Outdoor track

I saw you... Covered in snow? Anyone know if it has melted yet so I can save myself a cold run over there if it hasn't?


re: this huds argument

givvin me a lol to last all of break


Google fu

I saw you... Your use of "Google-fu" says more about you than I would ever need amo for.


re: Huds

I saw you... poster who mocked "locational" here. It is most certainly not grammatically correct, unless you're of the opinion that adjectives work fine as nouns. Your google-fu needs refinement. >>>>>>>>>>>>lol

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