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[Sticky] Pls check out our new iPhone app!

Hi everyone! I made this website 5 years ago as my final project in CS50, and I wanted to truly thank all of you who use and enjoy it. I still care a lot about giving people a fun and positive way to express themselves and engage with the rest of the Harvard community.

I recently created an iPhone app, I Saw You, to make posting and reading missed connections and anonymous compliments easier and more fun. I’ve also added some new features that I’m hoping you’ll love, including the ability to comment directly on posts. I would really appreciate if you would try it out! You can download it by tapping the button below on an iPhone or iPad. I’d love to hear how you like it and how I can make it better— please email me at tej.isawyou@gmail.com.

Many, many thanks, and keep posting!
- Tej Toor, ‘10

Re: Re: Here

I saw you... Typical Harvard bro, scorning feelings that nobody will have for you


Re: Here

I saw you... go home



I saw you... Okay, I get it, you're just not interested. I thought you were at one point, but that was presumptuous and I am now ashamed. Sorry.



Why do I find it so freaking hard to ask for help? Why do I conceal the signs of every kind of struggle from the people who I know are more than willing to help me through these times? It's a reflex now, a stupid reflex of fear that I'll be exposed as a failure or a mediocrity. And this same realization feeds into and grows the loop. Somehow I'm still tottering forwards, but I can't keep going like this.



I saw you...please stop selling commencement tickets for ridiculous prices. why can't you just be kind before you leave harvard.


RE: Sen15RS

I saw your post, and I heard that it may be May 18th (the release of the grades), since they need to determine asap if you're eligible to graduate. (The due date for grades are like May 15th from what I heard from a Teaching Fellow. I might be wrong on the exact date). That stated, there are seniors that could have asked for extensions that go past the final period (and thus the finalized grade for that specific class will most likely not be available on May 18th).



I saw you... Anyone know anything about the senior final grades timeline?


re: Quincy

Maybe I want you to want me, too.


on the phone

a no, I can take. the silence, however, is ridiculous



I saw you... Girl in the black and white dress and wavy dark hair. You wanted your friends to slow down. I would never speed away from you.

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