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re: the libraryyyy

This is pretty weird. You should just ask him about it in person (privately) and make sure you're willing to contact someone in a position of authority if that doesn't go well.


the libraryyyy

I saw you... seriously STOP BEING SO CREEPY. You are a creep. Go away. I don't know why you do this but stop stop stop.



We could have been so awesome. I still dream of all the things we had planned to do together. Reply if you feel the same.



I saw you... Why you gotta be so unattainable?


Gus + Sietse

There will never be a better pair than Gus + Sietse: funny, caring, and most importantly, genuine. When you talk to us, it's the real you, not a "politician" you. I can't say the same for this year's candidates. All 4 pairs are lacking the genuineness/authenticity that made us admire and support you two. What bothers me the most is the "dirty" campaign tactics used this year such as covering other people's posters and watermarking dining hall flyers (it's childish humor, not Sam and Gus's classy humor). In fact for all the candidates incorporating humor in their campaign, it's a cheap imitation at best of the humor used during last year's campaign. I hoped that Gus and Sietse would change the way the UC culture was, but now I realize that they are an anomaly, not the norm. Gus and Sietse aren't politicians, they are genuine, caring people. However, the average person who would want to run for UC president will most likely be a "politician": being friendly and greeting you when you pass by them during campaigning but then ignore you once the campaign ends. I have had personal experience with this numerous times. #fakepeopleatharvard


with flasks

Gus, there will never be another UC President as handsome or funny or charismatic as you are. BE YOU BE FABULOUS ALWAYS ok thanks.


UC Election

I saw you...Heine-Turban. You guys are basically the #Votesanjaya of 2014


Re: On the internet

There are like five of them. Which one?


On the internet

I saw you TF on Grindr. Thank god you had your shirt on


Lamont cafe

I saw you... iPhone 5 charger. Jk. You're in my room on the quad. Someone halp. :(

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