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[Sticky] Pls check out our new iPhone app!

Hi everyone! I made this website 5 years ago as my final project in CS50, and I wanted to truly thank all of you who use and enjoy it. I still care a lot about giving people a fun and positive way to express themselves and engage with the rest of the Harvard community.

I recently created an iPhone app, I Saw You, to make posting and reading missed connections and anonymous compliments easier and more fun. I’ve also added some new features that I’m hoping you’ll love, including the ability to comment directly on posts. I would really appreciate if you would try it out! You can download it by tapping the button below on an iPhone or iPad. I’d love to hear how you like it and how I can make it better— please email me at tej.isawyou@gmail.com.

Many, many thanks, and keep posting!
- Tej Toor, ‘10


I saw you... What is the HCFA mailing list?



I saw you... poop


re: floating along

I got anti-anxiety meds from primary care physician at home. I think that this was MUCH easier than going through UHS. I saw a counselor at the Bureau of Study Counsel to talk, though.



I saw you... You don't think you did anything bad to me at that party, but when I see you I feel sick. Don't you dare come near me again.



I saw you... final club(s) blasting music right now--are you kidding? Are you kidding me right now?


My email account

I saw you Dean lassonde getting emasculated in my inbox. Stop being a lozer and stand up for conversation. #adminswithopinions


ps 1

I saw you... did the request for ps1 peer study leaders already get sent out?


floating along

I saw you... wondering how I can talk to UHS to get prescribed antidepressants without falling into a trap + having to go through therapy + jumping through other hoops ... I've already done a telephone consultancy with mental health. Just want to know how to best set up an appointment and talk to someone. I've thought over this a lot and don't want to back out.


re: re: Primal Scream

I saw you... I beg to differ. It's a personal decision, but as someone who makes the less popular choice to keep that hair, it's also really nice to know that not everyone these days is grossed out by it.


re: Primal Scream

I saw you... Creep, posting a variation of this every year. Can't wait for you to graduate/leave.

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