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[Sticky] Pls check out our new iPhone app!

Hi everyone! I made this website 5 years ago as my final project in CS50, and I wanted to truly thank all of you who use and enjoy it. I still care a lot about giving people a fun and positive way to express themselves and engage with the rest of the Harvard community.

I recently created an iPhone app, I Saw You, to make posting and reading missed connections and anonymous compliments easier and more fun. I’ve also added some new features that I’m hoping you’ll love, including the ability to comment directly on posts. I would really appreciate if you would try it out! You can download it by tapping the button below on an iPhone or iPad. I’d love to hear how you like it and how I can make it better— please email me at tej.isawyou@gmail.com.

Many, many thanks, and keep posting!
- Tej Toor, ‘10

Re: Re: Kirkland

Whoever you are, you should never feel alone at Kirkland. This may be looked down upon at other houses/social circles. But come get lunch or dinner and sit down at a random table. Odds are you'll be welcomed with open arms and happy chatter. If you're over 21, come to wine or beer seminar, I assure you that everyone there is eager to meet new people. Are you interested in sports? Come to an IM, there's no better camaraderie than defeating the other lesser houses. Have really hard classes? Come to Kirkland OHs. The tutors are not only some of smartest people in the world (literally, there was a documentary about one of our math/CS tutors), but also really interesting happy people. None of these sounds appealing? Just lay down in the hammock and say hi to a random person. I guarantee that you'll get a warm hello back.


re(2): Quincy

What's her name? I'm curious now.


re: Qunicy

Awe sorry dude, I know the girl and she has a serious boyfriend.. :(



I saw you... girl who looks like a Roman empress. You've got brown curly hair, green eyes and a curvaceous bod. you walked through the quincy lobby 20 minutes ago with some guy i hope isnt your boyfriend. i was sitting at the grille. i just really need to get your name


re: Math 19a

I saw you... that be an easy intro math class...



I saw you... Take back the night. It means a lot to me.


Math 19a

I saw you... top 5 hardest exams at Harvard.



I saw you... hot guys around campus, I love making eye contact with you with those suggestive eyes.


re: kirkland

chin up, kid! First, of all, I feel for you. I've been through the same situation in the same house. Second, don't lose hope. Do you have blockmates? roommates? favorite tutors? favorite dhall staff? what about the dean? the house masters? How about stein club? the upcoming formal? Look, I know what it feels like, I really do. And I know it takes a ton of effort to change the feeling or start to feel just a bit better. But, listen, in Kirkland, all you have to do is take one step, and the people there will take 5 steps towards you. I know that it might not feel like that's true, but it is. And in the end, Harvard is bigger than just Kirkland. Freshmen friends that you haven't spoken to in a while? friends in other houses? members of a sports team or clubs? TFs? professors? classmates? last thought: baby steps bro. baby steps. And you did NOT mess up!



I saw you...how is it possible to feel so lonely in the house which supposedly has the strongest community? did i mess up? i've never felt so alone

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