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RE: Sen15RS

I saw your post, and I heard that it may be May 18th (the release of the grades), since they need to determine asap if you're eligible to graduate. (The due date for grades are like May 15th from what I heard from a Teaching Fellow. I might be wrong on the exact date). That stated, there are seniors that could have asked for extensions that go past the final period (and thus the finalized grade for that specific class will most likely not be available on May 18th).



I saw you... Anyone know anything about the senior final grades timeline?


re: Quincy

Maybe I want you to want me, too.


on the phone

a no, I can take. the silence, however, is ridiculous



I saw you... Girl in the black and white dress and wavy dark hair. You wanted your friends to slow down. I would never speed away from you.



I saw you... May be deluding myself at this point, but that was so sweet :)


after finals

I hate myself.


mt.auburn street

I saw you... girl in the low cut teal dress.. wow....


Widener Gate Quad Shuttle Stop

I saw you... waiting for the late Quad shuttle in the rain, muttering to yourself, "The Quad shuttle is the reason I can't commit to a relationship." I hope you'd be willing to try...with me?



I was slow to act and now you will forget me and I will be sad :(

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