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best house

I saw you... Brian. playing LoL. May I ask what's wrong with your side?



I saw you... girls, please don't starve yourselves. I just found out today that my little sister is entering treatment for an eating disorder, and this has been weighing on my mind. You girls are all perfectionists here, and it's sad to see you destroying yourselves in pursuit of an imaginary idea of perfection. Skinny is not perfect. Healthy and alive is perfect.


Bite sized homewrecker

I saw you... or I tried, even though you're three feet tall.



I saw you... I do want to get to know you better but you have to help me out here :(


Your bed

I saw you...Henry. And I hate you.


On Stage in Farkas Hall

I saw you... dancing, Angel Jin. And I tried to force my heart to be still but I couldn't.


Crimson Final Club

I saw you... Crimson. Front page article, really? All of you men in this final club need to get a grip. One sexual assault case is enough for us to care. when were you ever relevant



I saw you... Blue shirt and blue soccer shorts. Youre likely younger than me, but you're handsome



I saw you... hapa (?) girl with tears on your cheeks. Wish I could tell you how beautiful your smile is



I saw you... Suge Knight. This awful man, has most certainly 'created his own karma'! By making a fortune from promoting a type of music and attitude, that blatantly promotes violent aggressive machismo, homophobia, racism, sexism and the most appalling portrayal and objectification of Women! This kind of music has been and is directly responsible for so much violence and aggression, and the promotion of male 'illusions of potency' power and control! He and his music appeal to the lowest common denominator and glorify that which is ugly and disturbed!

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