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Re: Around

Since I am intimately acquainted with the subject matter, I can say with good confidence that Ben has a very substantial pocket rocket and you should absolutely get to know it as well as you can.



I saw you... not. Eleganza VIP tickets. Anyone got one to sell?



I saw you... Ben. thinking I should spend time around lev to catch more of that smile


re: walking past Greenhouse

I saw you... details?


re: Re photo sitting

I saw you... but it was 10 dollars!


walking past Greenhouse Cafe at 1pm on Apr21

I saw you... girl who looked back and smiled


Re photo sitting

The pictures they take are awful. Send your own in.


RE: Photo sittings

Everyone does photo sittings, so please go and don't be the person without a picture in the yearbook. You don't have to pay anything for the photo sitting, so it's hard to see it as a scam, though you can buy prints or a yearbook later if you'd like.



I saw you... Callie Gilbert. You are hot, brilliant super nice and super helpful. Thank you for existing. You will go far. I don't think you realize how many people admire you and how intimidating you are.


Photo sittings

I saw you... Do most people actually do photo sittings for the yearbook? Or is this another graduation scam a la class rings?

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