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no definitely hate

I saw you... Yeah, this is supposed to be Harvard, not Farmville. Let's put in a vote against spam by not voting in this stupid election.


Don't hate just cuz you can't handle "cluttered"

Re: I saw you...seeing Megan Prasad. Everybody in the game is doing it. Megan is just doing it the best. I want the best. I'm voting for Megan.


My already cluttered inbox

I saw you... Megan Prasad, sending 'personalized' emails using an email bot as you shamelessly campaign for Class Mashal. You've lost my vote, and I'll be sure to remember you as the brash self- promoter you've proven yourself to be


re: MAC Pool



MAC pool

I saw you... checking me out at the pool an insane number of times. Next time, say hi at least! :)


re: Board Plus

I saw you... unlikely, since Board Plus is part of an undergrad's room and board, and GSAS people have a different arrangement for that.


Board plus?

I saw you... Does anyone know whether or not GSAS graduate students get board plus??? I need food ):



Bummed to learn that you're a non-resident tutor now over in that river house, recent grad. We had such good conversations on Tinder over the summer, too.



I saw you... cute blind boy wearing mismatched socks. Why don't you try to read the text-to- braille machine in my pants?


Re: Greenhouse Cafe

Seems to be open already given this page's info, but I'm not sure: http://www.dining.harvard.edu/retail_dining/restaurants_greenhou se.html

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