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I saw you... trying to take pictures of all the seniors at Harvard because you want them to have "good senior photos" you said. I doubt you'll get all of them, but I've never met someone as caring as you.



I saw you... yes I did!


Outside the SC

I saw you, petite girl with the curly brown hair outside the Science Center. you smiled at me and it made my day. Thanks!


Re: Cloverfood

more details please?


At lamont

I saw you... cute asian guy sitting by himself in lamont. you caught my eye but I wish you would do more than that.


Re: frat bathroom

I saw you... Not to be nitpicky, but does the guy get a reprimand too, or


At the public bathroom in the frat, you know which one.

I saw you go into the bathroom with that guy. Please don't do that publicly in a party again.


at Cloverfood

on 2nd floor wearing a light brown jacket, leaving 7 min ago.


Across from the Hong Kong

I saw you eating a donut. You didn't eat the hole. What is wrong with ewe?


kong 130a

cutie in the gray coat w/ fur hood ... I saw you looking over more than a few times ;)

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