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Beautiful team girls...

I saw you... Pretty dancers. Though one of you in particular has caught my eye.



I saw you... Self, trying to figure out what part of the stacks is the best. Help?


Currier Dhall

I saw you...I wish Harvard Facebook let me search "hot red head who lives in Currier" instead of just names and the like...



I saw you... I just needed to be convinced.


the days




I saw you... Alistair Debling. I am obsessed with you, and you don't even know me. If only I you knew that I existed...


Re: day and night

I saw you... I'm having the same trouble. So conflicted.


RE: Daily

I know it seems hard, but the only way to stop feeling nervous is to just take the plunge and interact with people. Feeling comfortable socially is something you develop, so don't feel scared even if you think you fumble. Honestly, most people aren't actually that judgmental and are more preoccupied with themselves to notice any mistakes you think you may make.



Can't talk to anyone or leave my room because of nervousness. Anyone sympathize? What's your solution?


Sleepless Solitude

It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but you said you wanted to see me again. You kissed me a final goodbye before you slipped away into the early morning light. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Every moment felt so right, the way our legs intertwined, our slack bodies fitting together perfectly, your hands learning the curves and edges of my body like braille. I wish I didn't care but I do. I want to see you again. Please.

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