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re: kirkland

this is the time when deets would come in handy



I saw you... Can never tell whether you're dating her, flirting with her, or just friends with her. And knowing this would change everything.


20 Prescott

I saw you... Mr. Kendo Captain. You're a total beast. Let me tame you a little. God knows I've been trying for 3 years now! Notice my advances!


Re: Re: Kirkland Dhall

I saw you... Also, deeeets! It'll help everyone out. Possibly including you.


Re: Kirkland Dhall

I saw you... Have you tried making the first move? Maybe she's shy.


Kirkland Dhall

I saw you...you're so pretty, but so elusive. take a few minutes and say hello? i promise you won't regret it.


Garden St. by the Quad

I saw you... we passed each other on Garden St. just by the quad at 11.40 AM and said hi. You have the most beautiful smile! You seemed to know me. Have we met?


Winthrop Dhall

I saw you... and I wish I were on your radar because you aren't like the rest of your teammates.


The Science Center Plaza

I saw you Reina Gattuso! Your articles, much like an Abita Grapefruit brew, leave me feeling wonderfully empowered and thirsting for more! Keep it up! and call me up!


senior year

I saw you... self, realizing that the key to recharging your happiness lies simply in getting off this campus occasionally. I just wish it didn't take 4 years to get here.

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