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re: Quincy

Maybe I want you to want me, too.


on the phone

a no, I can take. the silence, however, is ridiculous



I saw you... Girl in the black and white dress and wavy dark hair. You wanted your friends to slow down. I would never speed away from you.



I saw you... May be deluding myself at this point, but that was so sweet :)


after finals

I hate myself.


mt.auburn street

I saw you... girl in the low cut teal dress.. wow....


Widener Gate Quad Shuttle Stop

I saw you... waiting for the late Quad shuttle in the rain, muttering to yourself, "The Quad shuttle is the reason I can't commit to a relationship." I hope you'd be willing to try...with me?



I was slow to act and now you will forget me and I will be sad :(


end of year

I saw you... I know we said we weren't going to commit, but now that you're seeing other people I want you to myself and i think it's too late now. You don't see what you have until it's gone, people.


3rd floor Lamont

I saw you... Lamont 3rd floor men's bathroom. Why do you always smell really really bad? It' doesn't smell like poop or pee... It has a unique Lamont-esque stench that is pretty sickening

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