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re: re: re: re: HUDS

I saw you... First off, I am re: re: HUDS, and I am not the OP. To address your points: 1) This is in fact the "locational" for an anonymous complaint about anything - indeed, lots of people do it, and there are clearly no rules about what's OK and what's not, beyond what gets reported until it disappears. At any rate, what I was initially addressing was re: HUDS's point that the OP was "taking it out on HUDS staff," which I clarified that in fact the OP was not. As to 2) do you have any data to support your claim that HUDS is overall disrespected by students? My general sense is that they are treated quite nicely relative to the typical standards of people in their position, and furthermore, they are thoroughly overcompensated for the relatively unskilled labor they provide (progressive student groups have already seen to this). So far as your claim that I cannot relate to them in any way goes, I am a low income student who has worked an unreasonable number of hours at an unreasonable number of minimum wage jobs, so in fact I can probably relate better than you claim to. I do not have any issues with HUDS myself, as I moved off campus - partially, in fact, to get away from the extremely unhealthy buffets they serve daily. But I'm sympathetic to their critics, that's for sure.


re: re: re: HUDS

I saw you... 1. I am willing to bet "re: re: HUDS" is the OP. 2. This is not the locational for an anonymous complaint about the service. 3. I believe "re: HUDS" was pointing out the overall disrespect HUDS receives from students. Which you clearly cannot relate to in any way. If you have such an issue with HUDS, do something about it productively rather than whine on a flirtatious site. People like YOU really do irritate me.



I saw you... How to get on list for AEPI or SAE parties?


re: re: HUDS

I saw you... First of all, OP was not "taking it out on HUDS staff." He was posting an anonymous complaint about the service on a forum that is primarily read by undergraduates. Second, there is no good reason that the OP should be grateful to HUDS, especially if he finds their service dissatisfactory, given the exorbitant amount of money he is paying them for their (indisputably questionable) services. People like you really do irritate me!



I saw you... How about be a little grateful and don't take it out on HUDS staff. First year they've offered it and there are kinks. But you can always NOT eat there, ya know, like your LAST spring break? As a low income student, I'm surviving because of this. THANK YOU HUDS and HUDS STAFF. :)


Re: Quincy

I saw you... Where would you publicize/advertise it so we hear about it?



I saw you... Opening one dining hall for ¾ of the SB population. Really brilliant.



If we hosted a party for the folks who stayed around on campus, would people come?


Lunch at Dunster Inn a few days ago

I saw you... Not sure if you remember me, but I definitely remember you, attractive guy from Adams house. Say hi next time.


All the places, all the time... selfish spa

I saw you...Selfish PSA for the Down app, so all these sightings don't go to waste. Essentially it's tinder (double blind unless you both match), where you can look through friends or friends of friends. you swipe up for a date, down if you're "down," and left to pass. I like it because I know the people so I feel safe, but it skips the awkward parts of tinder or real life because you communicate what you want immediately without being exposed if they don't want the same. They don't have a big user base right now so it's essentially useless for me until all my friends get on it. here is my selfish PSA. They should pay me for the advertising. info: http://www.datingadvice.com/online-dating/down-the- dating-app-taking-the-shame-out-of-getting-down

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